Our Achievements

The following details about the achievements of past and present members are by no means exhaustive but give some idea of the measure of success of the group as an inspiration to those who have been and remain committed to its existence.      


Moyra Donaldson

Acclaimed poet. Widely published in magazines and anthologies in this country and America. Work broadcast on BBC. Books published: Kissing Ghosts(Lapwing), Snakeskin Stilettos (Lagan Press), Beneath The Ice (Lagan Press) and The Horse's Nest.  Shortlisted for Tribune/Hennessey New Irish Writers' Prize.  Allingham Award for Poetry. Has written for the theatre. Screenplay filmed in 1996. Has tutored creative writing. Poet in "Residence" on Belfast to Troon (and back!) ferry. By invitation, has read her work in Canada. Also a spell as Literary editor for Fortnight magazine.

Anne Harris                                  

Published writer and winner of several short story competitions including Downtown Radio competition. Won first and second prize in same year in one competition. Play performed on RTE. Runner-up in Brian Moore Short Story competition. Runner-up in prestigious national Ian St James  Short Story competition. MA in creative writing.                                

Ian Campbell                                  

Very successful short story writer and sometime poet. Several stories published in Belfast Telegraph. Story published in My Weekly. Three stories published in Passages. Stories published in Focus and Ireland's Own. Poems published in Folio International and other UK magazines. Stories broadcast on local radio.Winner in two consecutive years of Downtown Short Story competition. Ulster Arts Club Award winner. Blackstaff Press Award winner. UTV Drama Award runner-up. Other poems shortlisted. Former WEA creative writing tutor. Frequent contributor to "My Story", Radio Ulster and one of his stories appears in the recent BBC/Blackstaff publication My Story. His play Don't Take It Personally has recently featured in the Short Play Awards and has been professionally performed. Has recently published a volume of short stories, Tales From Titanic City.

Maureen Anne Browne                                  

Poetry published widely including in pulsar, orbis, Writing Magazine, Honest Ulsterman. Two war poems accepted by Atlantean Publishing for their Great War Volume II. Prizewinner or runner-up in several competitions. Work displayed in public places in Havant and performed at Swaledale Festival, Festival of the Peninsula and summer season at La Mon Hotel. Contributor on two occasions to BBC series My Story. Attended workshops at Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry and working towards her first poetry collection. 

Ruth Thompson                                  

Poet and prose writer. MA in creative writing. Published in Fortnight magazine, other anthologies and on the Internet. Has read own work at Between The Lines. Contributor to "My Story", Radio Ulster and story published in BBC/Blackstaff publication My Story.

Margaret Graham                                  

Winner of humour category of Downtown Short Story competition and runner-up in Brian Moore Short Story competition. Broadcast on Radio Ulster as part of My Story season. Published in Ireland's Own. Contributor to "My Story", Radio Ulster.

Pamela Greene                                  

Poet. Has participated in several Belfast Festival at Queen's fringe readings and various other venues. Published in Poetry Ireland RevueHU, Sunday Tribune, The White Page (Salmon Press), Down At The Millennium, heresay and Full Moon. Anthologies of own work: Heartland  (Lapwing) and the recent Tattoo Me (Summer Palace Press).

Judith Thurley                                  

Poet and short story writer. Read at numerous festivals including Belfast Festival at Queen's and the award winning ITV programme, Festival  Virgin. Own anthology, Listening For Hedgehogs, published by Lapwing Press.                                

Stephen Hanson                                  

Poet. Has read at many venues throughout Ireland and on local radio. Featured also in ITV award winning programme, Festival Virgin and at Belfast Festival at Queen's. Own anthology of poems, A Misspelt Youth, published by Lapwing Press.

Noel Spence                                  

Poet and short story writer. Twice runner-up prize winner of Brian Moore Short story competition. Has published four volumes of short stories – Nib In The Mouth, Secrets, Lies and Luck and On The Edge.

Hugh Robinson                                  

Former member and tutor of group. Winner of several competitions including Downtown Short  Story competition, Ireland's Own Short  Story competition. Runner-up in other competitions. Winner in first Ian St James Short Story Competition in 1989 and story published in At The Stroke  Of Twelve (Fontana). Broadcasts regularly on Radio Ulster's Walter Love programme. Author of book of short stories in Ulster Scots dialect  (Across The Fields Of Yesterday, Ullans Press)  republished in plain English version under the title Back Across The Fields Of Yesterday and The Book Of Beautiful Things And Other Stories.                                

Noel McBride                                  

Short stories and occasional humorous verse. Winner of Radio Ulster Short Story competition.  Runner-up in Downtown Radio Short Story competition. Winner of Bangor Lions Short Story competition. Finalist in Ian St James Short Story competition. Runner-up in Brian Moore Short Story competition. Stories published in Awakenings, My Own Place, Acclaim (mainland),Brangle, Underneath The Arches  (memories of East Belfast), Can MagazineNewtownards Chronicle. Stories broadcast on Downtown and Radio Ulster. Readings at various  events including Ulster American Folk Park Festival. Has tutored short story writing. Contributor  to "My Story", Radio Ulster and story included in BBC/Blackstaff publication My Story. Has recently published a book of short stories, Inking In The Outlines.                  

Eric Conn                                  

Poet and short story writer. Successful in various competitions  including Brian Moore Short Story Competition. Stories broadcast on "My Story", Radio Ulster and three stories included in BBC/Blackstaff publication My Story, published book of short stories, Gently, at Sunset.  Regular voice on Radio Ulster.

John Graham

Poet and short story writer and husband of Margaret (see above). Stories broadcast on "My Story", Radio Ulster. Sadly, John passed away a little while ago and is much missed.                                     

Eddie Whiteside

Short story writer and novelist. Winner of second prize in Bank Street Writers' story competition. Story published in June 2006 edition of Current  Accounts No. 22. Crime novel, Killer Moves, published on Amazon Kindle. Eddie passed away a couple of years ago and a posthumous collection of his short stories, From Belfast to Port Stanley With Love, has recently been published.

Walter Wilson

Poet and short story writer. Fourth prize in Scottish Open Poetry Competition and third prize in Bristol Open Poetry competition.

Jim Monaghan

Poet. Poems published in Newtownards Chronicle. Has published a volume of poetry,Coming of Age.

Andrew Crane

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Andrew moved to Northern Ireland in 1996.  He   has been writing both prose and poetry steadily for 20 years, but did not   actively publish his work until joining Ards Writers.  Published   works include A Hudson View poetry digest, Spinnings (Intense Tales of Life) and Invisible Fire.

Julie Holmes                                

Julie's first novella was written at the tender age of four, although her parents   did have to assist with characters, storyline and scotch-taping the pages   together.  Since then, she has tried a more formal approach to writing by   joining the Ards Writers.  She has had historical pieces published by Queen's   University and Historical Belfast magazine and is currently trying to   break into the fiction market.

Stephanie Conn                                  

A former primary school teacher, Stephanie developed and taught the literacy programme Passport to Poetry. Her poetry has been widely published. She is a graduate of the M.A. programme at the Seamus Heaney Centre, Queen's University, Belfast. She is a recipient of an N.I. Arts Council Career Enhancement Award and won the inaugural Seamus Heaney Award for New Writing. She was recently placed third in the Dromineer Poetry competition and won the Translink Haiku, Funeral Services NI and Yeovil Poetry Prizes. She is the author of two collections, The Woman On The Other Side and Island, both published by Doire Press.

Bob Trotter

Short story writer and creator of the Marmalade Tuttle series of children's fantasy novels.